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Hope for Malawi works with Partners in Action for Sustainable Development (PSAD), a locally directed Malawian run NGO under the capable leadership of Amos Chiyenda. PSAD submits requests from the village chiefs which are vetted by Hope for Malawi’s board. PSAD monitors and supervises approved projects and sends visual and written reports and budgets. Amos is a recent university graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Social Science and Community Development and a highly successful past recipient of a scholarship from Hope for Malawi.

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Hope for Malawi was established as a Foundation in 2008 by Peter and Elaine Zakreski, a couple from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and is a registered Canadian Charity. Hope for Malawi functions in direct partnership with Malawians with 100% all monies raised going directly towards approved projects. This unique structure was made possible through a chance meeting on an airplane between the Zakreskis and a local woman who was then living in the US, traveling back from a visit where she was trying to help her village with the building of a much-needed medical clinic and shelter for children.

Hearing about the project, the Zakreskis decided to put their trust in a near stranger, providing her with the funds needed to fulfil her dream to help her people. The couple then returned to Malawi the following year to see the completed projects for themselves. Meeting the local people and seeing the huge difference they were making, Peter and Elaine were encouraged to do more and this was the genesis of Hope for Malawi.

Since Peter Zakreski’s passing in February 2020, Hope for Malawi carries on with Elaine and the guidance of a board, many committed volunteers that visit regularly. The future is secured by volunteers, Elaine and Peter’s children and grandchildren, who are also active within the foundation.

About: About Us
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