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Turning Interest Into Action

Hope for Malawi is a non-government, non-organization initiative. Through local contacts at the grass roots level every penny donated is accounted for and spent on initiatives within the Domasi area of the Zomba District, Malawi. Absolutely no commissions, no administrative fees and no overhead. 

All donations are tax deductible in Canada

Mail Payment to: 

Hope for Malawi Foundation Inc. 

38 St. Lawrence Crescent 

Saskatoon, SK Canada S7K 1G5


Click on PayPal link below

Donations: About Us


Thanks to our incredible donors and volunteers here are some of our accomplishments

  • medical clinic

  • motorcycle ambulance

  • 14 schools

  • 7 bore holes

  • 11 villages connected to piped water serving about 5,000 villagers.

  • 2 churches

  • library

  • 8 concrete bridges

  • 4 wooden timber bridges

  • 4 new homes for needy households

  • 8 renovated homes for safe housing

  • over 300 homes repaired after to disasters

  • agricultural meeting and storage building

  • 13 university and secondary scholarships

  • ongoing yearly educational training to teachers involved in early learning centers

  • one tree nursery and several tree donations to assist in climate control in villages

  • daily feeding and growth monitoring of children attending early learning centres

  • 15 ongoing stipends for early learning teachers and a librarian

  • 4 shipping filled with medical and educational supplies

  • 10 yearly visits along with 26 volunteers

  • 4 income generating bakeries for women

  • Several sewing machines and training to make sanitary pads

  • After school tutorials for students in their village

  • Over 50 goats, 100 chickens, 50 rabbits and 20 cows distributed to over 200 families

  • Over 1,000 blankets distributed to elderly in yearly gatherings

  • Over 30,000 bars of soap to vulnerable households

  • Six soccer and net ball tournaments with trophies plus cash prizes

  • Over 500 balls, jerseys and various sports equipment to youth and sports teams

  • Over 2,000 bags of fortified maize flour during climate disasters and crop failures

  • 100 grandmothers covered through life insurance

  • 1 Guest House

  • 2 Retrofitted Containers (Office & Additional Guesthouse)

Donations: What We Do
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