Smiling beautiful small African kid, dressed in a traditional outfit, holding a mango seed

Malawi ranks among the poorest of African countries with a population that suffers from chronic malnutrition, high rates of infant mortality and crushing poverty.

Hope for Malawi’s mission is to work at the grassroots level with the goal of attaining local sustainability. No project or development is undertaken without the leadership and efforts of the communities themselves. Priorities are determined by the chiefs of the various villages on behalf of their people. Since Hope for Malawi’s inception, these commitments have included addressing the need for fresh water and the building of footbridges for safer travel and schools for the youngest children. This remains the primary focus of the foundation as its work has spread to villages across the Zomba District, situated in Southern Malawi.

Hope for Malawi functions with the support of its incredible donors and volunteers in direct partnership with Malawians who provide land, labour, care and maintenance of the projects. The foundation operates with little overhead. What little overhead the foundation incurs is covered off by volunteer services or covering donations from the original founders, so that every nickel of your gift is spent in Malawi.

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