“The Light within You is the same as the Light within me and together we are One"



A Bit of Background

“Seeing the world with you has made me a woman who knows what it means to be so fortunate...to live here in Saskatoon..with you. I have all the memories of the wonderful places we have seen and the people we have met. Africa has a special place in my heart, I see it in my mind’s eye, especially the faces of children. So my dearest Christmas wish is to help build something for the youngest children and one day return and see for myself  what love can do to make a difference in the world”  Elaine Zakreski Christmas 2006

Elaine was referring to Jean Kalinga who was trying to find a way to help a small Malawi community get a much needed medical clinic. On December 24 2006, Jean responded to news from Elaine and Peter that funds to build the clinic were on the way.

“It has been a weekend of joy, gratitude and humility. In my African culture, it is unusual to shed tears of joy. Tears are normally associated with sorrow, and I have shed so many sorrowful tears in my life. But never have I shed tears of joy.”  Jean Kalinga

In autumn 2006, Elaine and Peter Zakreski - from Saskatoon, Canada - vacationed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Elaine is an educator and author and Peter is a corporate executive. It was the trip of a lifetime, spectacular waterfalls and dramatic landscape. They also saw, and were deeply moved by, the sight of children without parents, without shelter and, in so many instances, without food. They encountered a population with limited resources, restricted access to health care and few educational opportunities. But They also saw boundless potential to become self-sufficient.

Jean and Elaine were the answer to each other’s prayers

On May 16, 2009, what began as a dream became reality. The Malawi community got its medical clinic, and much more. Elaine and Peter travelled to Malawi and saw with their own eyes the power of HOPE- hope, opportunity, protection and education. They attended the opening ceremony of a fully completed preschool safe house, a porch for the community's grandmothers to come together and socialize and 13-room health clinic which will serve in excess of 3,000 people from the surrounding region of Malawi.